TOEFL Listening Skills Practice

  • General Listening Activities
  1. Start with recordings on familiar topics and gradually progress to topics that are new to you.
  1. Listen to conversations, television shows and movies, and then listen to programs with academic content, such as NPR and BBC broadcasts. Start with short segments and progress to longer segments.
  1. For beginners, listen first with English subtitles, if they are available. Then, without subtitles, listen for the main ideas and key details.
  1. Listen again to understand the connections between ideas, the structure of the talk and/or the speakers’ attitudes and to distinguish fact from opinion.
  1. If you like to listen on an english-based music, this is a good thing to learn from. Listen to them and search the meaning at dictionary for the more difficult words.


  • Targeted Activities
  1. Listening for Basic Comprehension
    • Comprehend the main idea, major points and important details related to the main idea.
  1. Listening for Pragmatic Understanding
    • Recognize a speaker’s attitude and degree of certainty
    • Recognize a speaker’s function or purpose
  1. Connecting and Synthesizing Information
    • Recognize the organization of information presented
    • Understand the relationships between ideas presented (for example: compare/contrast, cause/effect or steps in a process)
    • Make inferences and draw conclusions based on what is implied in the material
    • Make connections among pieces of information in a conversation or lecture
    • Recognize topic changes in lectures and conversations, and recognize introductions and conclusions in lectures Listening Section Description

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